Things You Should Know Before Entering The Hospital

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It’s the third leading cause of death. Only heart disease and cancer kill more Americans.
It’s a problem that has not received the attention it deserves.Line Break zeroJust 15 years ago, research from the Institute of Medicine indicated that over 98,000 deaths
resulted from preventable errors. But experts state that those numbers are low. Line Break zeroThe Journal of Patient Safety published a report in 2014, which concluded that as many as
440,000 people die from preventable errors in hospitals. Thousands more die from errors
outside the hospital, such as misdiagnosis or the wrong medications.


This video was created after my colleague experienced medical errors at a hospital. Luckily,
he survived.Line Break zeroI myself was misdiagnosed in a hospital emergency room. I had a ruptured appendix but no
one knew. The next day, I attempted to board an airplane in extreme pain. The flight was
cancelled three times before I collapsed at the gate. I was rushed to the closest emergency
room, had surgery, and I’m lucky to be here to tell you about it.Line Break zeroPersonal experiences sparked our determination to spread knowledge about “Things You
Should Know Before Entering The Hospital.” Share it with family and friends. Keep it nearby
when you or a loved one has to go into a hospital for treatment. One tip alone can save a life.


What DO you need to know before entering a hospital? How should you prepare?
How do you protect yourself from medical errors? Line Break zeroThis film will answer those questions. You’ll get a step-by-step guide to help you maintain
your health, safety and privacy while in the hospital. Included is a convenient e-book for
an easy reference.
Line Break zeroMake sure you watch this with your family and friends. You’ll need them as your advocates
24 hours a da
y.Line Break zeroThis film is an exceptional safety guide for everyone who is a patient or takes care of one.
Watch it and learn what we all need to know to prevent injuries and save lives.” Martin J.
Hatlie, Esq., President of Partnership for Patient Safety and former representative for the
American Medical Association.

“This is an important film with a powerful message that all consumers need to hear.”
Leonard Lamkin, Executive Director, Chicago Patient Safety Forum.



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